Anyone is welcome to come along to a weekly meeting to see if the club is for them. The first meeting of the year (which will feature the annual Indoor Olympics) will take place at 7pm on Monday 9th October at Port Mahon on St Clements, Oxford.

Since the 1980's, the Oxford Stunt Factory has famously pioneered the novel and the extreme, leading what has now become a global revolution in alternative, radical and dangerous sports.

With expertise - both academic and athletic - drawn from Oxford's University membership, it has introduced a new generation to adrenaline sports, founded two national governing bodies, BERSA (Bungee Jumping) and SSSprint (Street Luging), organises and competes for Britain at International events world-wide, and co-ordinates and performs spectacular stunts for the TV, film and advertising industries.

The OSF International Bungee Jumping Display Team is in constant demand at major shows for its unique, explosive, 200 foot Main Arena act, and our charity fundraising helps charities to raise huge sums annually through sponsored public participation in exciting alternative sports.


The UK's First BASE Jumping Festival

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Raise money for charity - and Bungee jump for free!

Our next Open Charity fundraising event is in Oxford on Saturday 27th October 2007...

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